Passport photos

Instant passport photos are available at our studio.
These are taken in house and take only a couple of minutes to produce.

These are suitable for
British Passport applications, Driving Licenses, Freedom Passes,
and many other ID's required by companies & agencies.

We do not charge extra for passports of babies and children. Our rates are fixed no matter the age.

British Standard Passport photos: 45mm x 35mm
£6.99 for 4 prints
£9.99 for 6 prints

£10.99 for 8 prints

International passports: 51mm x 51mm
£7.99 for 2 prints

£15.99 for 4 prints


With our digital editing expertise we can restore old images which might otherwise be considered beyond repair!


Our prices for digital restoration start from £15 and include a 6x4" print. This price is subject to change depending upon the damage of the original and a quote is required for each restoration.

Please bring your photograph into the shop for a quote

Commercial Photography

With years of experience in commercial photography, we will bring our studio to you.


Our prices depend on the final product required. If you wish for us to come to you, we charge £75.00 per hour with images bought on an individual basis after they are viewed securely on our secure log in. Images can be purchased either as prints or digitally.


Alternatively, if you wish, you can bring any merchandise required to be photographed into our studio. This is charged at £20 per half hour for studio time with images available for purchase on an individual basis afterwards.


Image prices are as per our portrait prices.

Digital Editing

As part of our service here we offer airbrushing and minor digtal editing. This is included in the price of any of our studio and wedding photography.


For more complicated tasks such as background changes, collages, montages and other special requests deemed to exceed our regular services, we charge an additional fee based upon the compexity of the work to be completed.

In these cases, a quote will always be required.


If you require digital work to be completed on images taken by yourself and not professionally (by Beaumont-Wright Photography Ltd. or any other professional photographer), again a quote is required.


If you wish us to edit work by another professional photographer, we will require authorisation by said photographer to use their work. Any additional fees that may arise to use another photographers copyright will be included in the bill for work completed.